SCHILD AG mit neuer Beteiligungsstruktur

BPE sells SCHILD to EGS Beteiligungen

14 déc. 2010

After two very successful years, Barclays Private Equity has disposed of its 51% holding in Schild AG.   Management has decided to acquire a majority stake in SCHILD AG and has reorganised its holding structure.  Stefan Portmann (President) and Thomas Herbert (CEO) together with other members of the board now hold 60% of the shares thus securing a continuity and sustainability of the business development. The new minority and largest single shareholder is the EGS Beteiligungen AG, a 100% subsidiary of the Ernst Goehner Foundation, with a share capital of 40%.   

Share holding increased and majority stake gained
Stefan Portmann and Thomas Herbert previously owned 49% of the Company and have increased their holding to 51%. This move renewed and emphasized their personal engagement with SCHILD AG that was launched after the management buyout in 2003 and the acquisition of the fashion business Spengler in 2004. The transaction ensures long-term growth and consistent implementation of a successful strategy, which secured SCHILD’s exceptional development to date. Together with the existing management team that increased their shareholding to 9%, they will guarantee a continuity in brand management and expansion on the Swiss market. 

Successful cooperation with Barclays Private Equity
The acquisition of a majority stake by Stefan Portmann and Thomas Herbert ends the successful cooperation with Barclays Private Equity that has held a 51% stake in SCHILD since December 2008. In a difficult business environment, Barclays Private Equity invested in a consistent and counter-cyclical development and expansion of SCHILD.  This included revitalising and refining the brand, strengthening the management structure, launching 17 new branches, and the introduction of the multi-award winning SCHILD online-shop. Furthermore, the strategic cooperation with Navyboot was extended and a new store construction concept developed that has already been implemented in Lucerne and Lausanne and will continue distinguishing SCHILD in the coming years. In close cooperation with the management, the company value has increased significantly.

EGS Beteiligungen AG is an ideal partner for the future
EGS Beteiligungen AG is the ideal partner for the development of SCHILD AG. The long-term and business-oriented subsidiary of the Ernst Goehner Foundation will allow SCHILD to achieve the desired growth and implement its strategy consistently. A traditional Swiss business with a solid market positioning, positive prospects, an experienced and successful management team and consistent returns, SCHILD is a perfect fit with EGS Beteiligungen AG‘ s portfolio.

Stefan Portmann emphasized positive future perspectives:
"SCHILD has seen yet another year of positive development and we are confident that the new holding structure and further consistent implementation of the business strategy will allow us to continue with the success story", commented Stefan Portmann, President of SCHILD AG. "We are glad to have found a partner with a long-term perspective in EGS Beteiligungen AG that will support us in our goals"

Philippe Stüdi is content with the development of SCHILD:
"This disposal is another considerable milestone in the development of Barclays Private Equity in Switzerland", says Philippe Stüdi, Director of Barclays Private Equity (Switzerland). "SCHILD is a further proof that Barclays Private Equity understands the specific market features of the Swiss medium-size business as well as the interests and needs of the management."
Dominik Sauter sees long-term engagement:
"The equity holding in SCHILD AG fits perfectly with our long-term and business-oriented investment strategy", says Dominik Sauter, CEO of EGS Beteiligungen AG. "SCHILD has proved over the years that it can hold its ground and grow in an ambitious environment. This success and further growth perspects have persuaded us to establish a partnership with SCHILD. We look forward to the cooperation with great confidence."

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